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Solutions for Rental Companies & Operators

GV Asset Management can provide equipment user customers with a full range of asset management services – Valuation, Fleet Management, Procurement and Remarketing.

In Today’s Market Conditions

GV are uniquely positioned to support a client relationship with market specialist finance providers. GV recognises that external sources of capital are always critical to your business, especially in the current economic climate which has seen the majority of financiers significantly reduce their appetite to enable companies to leverage. GV has deep insight into what financiers require from businesses in order to increase lending appetite and build long term relationships. Increasingly these drivers can be asset rather than balance sheet driven, and this is where GV can add value to all parties.

GV aim to facilitate increased lending appetite, and enhanced financing terms - such as longer lending durations and lower interest rates- alongside enhanced long term relationships. Financiers are by training balance sheet driven, but with legislation driving behaviours that force them to review the underlying asset, as the basis of their security, it is recognized that there can be equipment specialism gaps. GV help to bridge that skills shortage and provide clients and their funders with solutions that really help both parties to structure better transactions.

Why GV Asset Management

GV understand how the initial purchase, use or rental, and then eventual sale of that asset, compared to the underlying finance arrangement, generates value to your business.

GV understand how market cycles affect revenues, fleet utilization and residual values. The ability to structure procurement activities for new and/or used equipment around the market outlook, and with a remarketing capability to match, are areas where GV are focused in order to maximise the expected value in your business.

GV also understand doing business in different cultures, and can help clients expand geographically.

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Advisory Services

The complexity and approach of GV's solutions can be tailored to suit clients specific needs. GV Advisory Services has extensive experience in structuring transactions to support revenue growth and fleet optimisation. GV have worked with financiers, manufacturers and rental companies across the globe to deliver asset management led solutions designed to generate additional value in the equipment over its extended life.

Value Add Example Focus Areas

Availability and optimisation of credit lines (anywhere in the world)

Availability of flexible financing products eg. rent to buy or return

Availability of used equipment stocking facilities

Matched cash-flow acquisition

Procurement of quality used equipment at the right prices

Restructuring of existing debt

Trade-in and remarketing activities

Fleet age reduction programs

Cash flow enhancement products

GV also understand doing business in different cultures, and can help their clients expand geographically.

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Procurement & Remarketing Services

GV can provide a full range of asset management services – Valuation, Fleet Management, Procurement and Remarketing. The complexity and approach can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

GV Procurement & Remarketing has extensive experience of used equipment procurement and remarketing internationally. GV have an enviable contact list of end-users and dealers worldwide, therefore being able to source and e-market used equipment from and to the widest possible audience in an economic way.

Technical inspection


Asking price and minimum price setting

Structured offers

Rent to buy or return

Equipment listings


Direct canvassing

Price negotiation and close

Stocking credit facilities

GV operate a strict “no win, no fee” policy – GV only charge clients a remarketing fee in case the asset is sold at an agreed price to both parties satisfaction.

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